I have 2 1994 lwb 2.8td one in the uk and one here in the philippines I can tell you some things about my pajero you would not believe you will have to excuse the spelling mistakes and bad grammar apart that the keyboard has no letters it has nothing else either. My wife,more about her later, came home from school( she is a school teacher)said the pajero will not change gear,left the AT mode switch on again have you I asked I dont know where that is she said so I took the paj out for a spin and it would not change gear, put in first or second it was ok.

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I phoned the wife told her I was going to the garage. The owner said the gearbox wants a repair kit and will cost 100000 pesos to do all the work. I walked away I will let you know, A young lad came up and said let my uncle have a look at it he is a lot cheaper he got in and off we went a few miles off road through a farm gate and into a 4×4 breeding colony There were 4×4 everywhere.Uncle took mine for a drive came back said it would cost 5000 pesos about 70 pounds ok when can you do it I asked well now he said but you have to go and get some parts.

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Off we went in an another paj and a list of parts.On the way back the young lad suddenly shouted out TITS what, where, I said what tits,we havnt got any he said,It turned he wanted grease nipples but was to shy to ask. I was talking to uncle later and he said for the gearbox to work correctly the engine revs at idle must not exceed 800rpm the kick down cable must be 35mm from the nipple to the bracket and when the gear lever is in neutral the mark should line up with the mark on the gearbox •. Hi I bought a Pajero LWB 2.8 Diesel (Imported) a couple of years ago to be able to pull a 1 ton boat on a 1.75 ton trailer! REG N998 OAE Reg docs say 1995 model. My Pajero came with a cracked yellow 7″ fog lamp with water inside. The bulb blew late last year; having found a place to replace the bulb I delayed because I couldn’t find a replacement lens for a year and JUST got one this month from Ebay.

Now I cannot find or remember the darn shop/supplier in Gloucester to go get replacement bulbs! They are approx.

1″ long and short oval & flattish (not round in diameter) with a tip at the top and pressed glass flattened bottom with two wires coming out the base. How can load a picture of this onto here? I have two pics with the bulb beside a tape measure. Anyone help with a part number please? And where I can get one? York Affinity Installation Manual.

Have tried Europarts, Autoparts, Mitsubishi in Cheltenham and Gloucester ad a lot of time googling fog light bulbs for this vehicle. I KNOW there’s a place in Gloucester but cannot recall the name and have lost the nmbr. П™ x81 Thanks. Hi Tim, More problems, just been a 100 mile run, car went great, unfortunately when I stopped it it would’nt start, batteries totaly flat, I did have the lights on and the heater, also had a plug in the high amp socket in the centre consul running a very small item, has anyone got any ideas, I checked to make sure I hadnt knocked any connections off when I did the filter, funny that both batteries went flat, I was led to believe they were independant of one another, again if you can give any details on this please, anyway must go and tinker again to see if I spot anything.

I suppose the obvious conclusion would be that they’re not being charged correctly. One of the reasons some Pajeros have two batteries is so that they can run lots of electrics, so what you had switched on shouldn’t have caused any problem. Guess you need to check the charging set up.

Then you might just be unlucky enough to have two worn out batteries which would need replacing. Of course this is something you need to be spot on before the mornings start getting cold. Let us know how you get on. Hi Tim, I’ve been a proud owner of my Pajero now for about 24 hours!!

Its a 1991 LWB 2.5 TD and from what I can make out its something to do with ‘Ralliart’ and also has a ‘MMC’ badge on it too. Its done 63,000 miles from new and has only been in the country since 2005. It is also the ‘Kick Up Roof’ version which I haven’t seen before. Like I said I’ve only had 24 hours so I haven’t had a chance to do any research yet on my new beast but I’m already loving it. I stumbled across your website and though I’d have a look.

I’ve read your blog on ‘What does this do’ and that just about sums me up the moment!! I haven’t really had a chance yet to browse POCUK but it seems like the right place to find out what I need to know. If you have any info for me to start with i’d appreciate it but in the meantime i’ll see how I go!! Hi Tim, My Pajero 2.5td LWB manual is going great,BUT fuel economy is poor, can you give me an idea of what sort of MPG I should be getting on a long run sitting between 60 and 70 most of the way, I’ve been getting somewhere in the region of 25/26mpg which is pretty poor, I thought I’d get a lot more than that, if this is very low can you give me any idea what would be causing this, I was running a SWB frontera 2ltr petrol to do the same regular 420 mile journey and it was bad enough, this is a lot worse. Hi John, thanks for the update – very interesting. I’ve heard of quite a few people doing the preheat button thing and was going to look into it myself but I managed to sort out my starting trouble. I’ve no idea about immobilisers I’m afraid.

Window tinting is near the bottom of a long list of little jobs to do for now, so I’ll probably do it next Spring I think. Yeah, I guess ebay’s the best place for a cheap roof rack and ladder – just make sure you search under Shogun as well as Pajero! I’d be interested in the ball joints job when you get around to it. Nice to meet you. I’m hirorinn324. I also own Pajerobluemoon. I own it since 1999.

It has already run 109000 kilos. It is not thought to transfer to other cars at all. The improvement measures were given only with the EGR hose in the previous car inspection though my Bluemoon did not hang in the recall in Japan. It had stopped when having begun to have run before the movement of the jet pump dulled due to the cold, and the engine got warm.

Please visit my homepage if it is good. Though only Japanese. Hi Tim, Great idea with the website. We live in the Solomon Islands and bought a 1996 SWB Pajero from Japan around the same time as you did. Absolutely fantastic car.

My wife and I are really happy with it. The only problem I’ve had (and I can’t say that it is exactly a major one), is that the Outside Temperature Displayed is incorrect.

There are no reputable motor mechanics, let alone Mitsubishi dealers in Honiara, Solomon Islands. I bought a CD from the UK which contained the Workshop Manuals for all Pajero/Shoguns; this it tells me how to test the sensor which I am quite capable of, however, it doesn’t tell me where to find it. I figure that it must be in or around the engine bay, but after lots of looking I am yet to find it. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Regards, Matt •.

Hi Matt Thanks for getting in touch and great to hear from you. The outside temperature sensor should be located inside the front bumper. From what I remember it’s inside the plastic end piece, but can’t remember which side. You should be able to locate the wire by having a feel around and as a last resort take the bumper off (easy enough).

But I have heard of people finding them in other places as they must have been moved by previous owners. Harley Davidson 2016 Softail Repair Manual. In the bumper end is where they should be anyway. Good luck with it and let me know how you get on. Tim UPDATE: Matt actually found the sensor before he read my “words of wisdom”. Apparently some bright spark had moved it at some point and it was next to the radiator. Hence the reason Matt was getting some pretty dodgy temperature readings!

I’d suggest removing and cleaning the EGR valve which tends to get very clogged. If the drop in power is accompanied by black smoke under load or when starting then this is also a marker to support EGR theory. Some people remove the valve and fit a blanking plate, however I’d recommend against this as the valve serves a purpose and when serviced (cleaned) reguarly it works well. All you need is an EGR valve gasket and some injector cleaner. Google “clean egr valve pajero” and you should find more info. Hi tim thankyou for your reply. Ive been a electro-mech for 20 odd years now,originally a auto-electrician,but many areas in the trade have changed today.especially with the introduction of engine managment.Not the best way for us d.i.y car repairers,thankfully the models ive bought in the past are conventional diesel injection.

Hi Tim, I own a Pajero 28oo Turbo Diesel Model 2000.THe3 car is running good, a little bit high on consumption but ok. Some month ago it started cold start problems together with higher consumption, so I had the fuel pump overhauled. The problem was gone, but came back after 3 month. Imanaged with the starting, since it was only in the morning. Now it’s getting worth.

The Motor starts on the fuel in the pump, then stops.Now I’m starting the nmotor and pump fast to get more fuel to the pump, and sometimes I catch up and the motor tried to keep running. After this first start there is now more problem with starting until the next morning.

It looks like the fuel line from the pump to the supply line is emptying during the night. But there is no sign of leaking under the car. So where can I look fore the problem? I hope somebody might have an idea. Well after another week the magic stuff from the tin has,nt worked. I bought a 1999 Pajero io a couple of years ago as city car to drive around windhoek (namibia), what a fantastic vehicle. This purchase enabled me to take my bmw 330d to johannesburg and leave it there in my wife’s tender loving care away from the blistering heat and to sleep in the garage every night.