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1990 Mercury Outboard 15 HP (15HP) 2-Stroke motor Service Manual, get the information you need to fix and repair your 15 HP Mercury marine engine now. Mercury Outboard 1990 Forum Topics. 1990 25 HP Mercury Ignition Troubleshooting: 5. Repair RPM Sale Schematic Sealant. Mercury Mariner V-250 V-275 Outboard Service Shop Manual 1990. 1996 Mercury Force 25 HP Service Manual 90. Outboard Motors Mercury Download Service and Repair.

RELATED MERCURY SEARCHES: Water Pump, Drive Shaft and Shift Shaft 1. Remove 4 bolts from pump cover. Remove cover, nylon washers above and below impeller, impeller and drive key from drive shaft. It is recommended that impeller be replaced whenever gearcase is being serviced. NOTE: If impeller is not going to be replaced, DO NOT install impeller in reverse rotation to its original state as vanes have taken a set. Vanes will crack and break shortly after outboard is returned to service. A - Pump cover bolts (4) b - Cover c - Nylon washer d - Impeller e - Nylon washer f - Key.

1990 Mercury 40 Hp Outboard

GEAR HOUSING 4. Remove guide from cover.

1990 25 Hp Mercury Outboard Repair Manual

2018 Ttr 110 Manual. Replace rubber seal if damaged. Replace cover if inside is grooved. Remove plate, gasket, quad-ring, bolt and washer.

Replace plate if grooved. A - Guide b - Seal c - Plate d - Gasket (discard) e - Quad-ring f - Bolt and washer 9. Replace seal if damaged. Remove water pump base and shift shaft from housing. Remove gasket. A - Seal b - Pump base c - Shift shaft d - Gasket (discard) 12. Remove clip from shift shaft.

Unthread shift cam. Remove shaft from water pump base. Remove screw and pull water tube from base. A - Screw b - Water tube 15. Bush Hog 2615 Operators Manual here.

Replace seal if damaged. Replace water tube if corroded.