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The 30HX units are high-efficiency, indoor water-cooled or condenserless chillers. The units have a quiet, low-vibration design featuring screw compressors. The 30HX chillers are compact enough to fit through a standard door, making them great replacement units. Chillers and Components. Carrier is a leader in chiller options. Water-Cooled Chillers Chiller Components Products. Carrier Chiller Manual - University of Florida. Installation and Maintenance Manual IMM 1157 Group: Chiller. Carrier and a claim must. Every model WGS-AW water chiller with water-cooled condensers is. Installation and Maintenance Manual IMM 1157 Group: Chiller Part Number: 331373601 Effective: March 2012. Carrier and a claim must be filed with the carrier. Check the unit serial plate before unloading the unit to be. Every model WGS-AW water chiller with water-cooled condensers is shipped with a full refrigerant charge.

• 30GX and 30HXC series PRO-DIALOG Control Screw-Compressor Air- and Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers 50 Hz GLOBAL CHILLER PRO-DIALOG O-DIALOG MENU MENU Installation, operation and maintenance instructions. • Table of contents 1 - SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS....4 1.1 - General..... 4 1.2 - Avoiding electrocution....4 2 - GENERAL DESCRIPTION....4 2.1 - General..... 4 2.2 - Abbreviations used....4 3 - HARDWARE DESCRIPTION....5 3.1 - General..... • 4.2.10 - Description of the CONFIGURATION menu... 24 4.2.11 - Description of the ALARMS menu...25 4.2.12 - Description of the ALARMS HISTORY menu...26 4.2.13 - Description of the OPERATING LOG menu... 26 4.2.14 - Default user interface display...26 4.3 - Summary interface....

• CCN mode: the machine is controlled by commands from may be permitted access to electrical components. It is the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN). In this case a data particularly recommended that all sources of electricity to the communication cable is used to connect the unit to the unit be shut off before any work is begun.

• - Saturated Suction Temperature boards via the SIO bus. It can also communicate with elements - Thermal eXpansion Valve of the Carrier Comfort Network via the CCN bus. 3 - HARDWARE DESCRIPTION When “conF” shows on the user interface, this means that the basic board must be configured. • Slave board addresses 3.2.3 - The user interface The user interface is in two parts: BOARD DIP SWITCH (0 = open) • The main interface: This gives access to all of the control parameters for the unit. It consists of a 2-digit Board 4xDO #1 EXV circuit A primary display block and a secondary 4-digit display Board 4xDO #2 EXV circuit B. • NOTE: When connecting the power supply for the boards, NOTE: The external connector of the EXV must be cleaned and maintain polarity. Coated with silicone grease (Part No.

397 EE) to keep out condensation and prevent corrosion. In the event of a power supply interrupt, the unit restarts automatically without the need for an external command.

• NOTE: To obtain a volt-free dry alarm contact, these outputs This is used to measure the refrigerant charging level. It must be interfaced with a relay supplied with 24 V a.c. (Carrier ensures optimised flow control in the evaporator, and is Part No. • NOTE: In exceptional circumstances this contact can be flow or thermostat box control volt-free contacts** configured as active (configuration by Carrier Service) if the If these contacts open, the unit is shut down or prevented from unit operates in CCN mode as part of a master-slave link (see restarting and an alarm is raised.

• This output is used on air-cooled units with the heat reclaim a 0-10 V temperature sensor. It delivers a 4-20 mA or 0-10 V d.c. Signal, depending on the configuration (which must be carried out by Carrier 0-10 Volt signal connection Service). Perkins P4 Engine Manual. • 4 - SETTING UP PRO-DIALOG PLUS CONTROL 4.2 - Main interface 4.1 - General 4.2.1 - Description The main interface gives access to the full array of operating The local interface enables a number of operating parameters to parameters on the unit via 10 menus (represented by 10 icons). Be displayed and modified. • OPERATING TYPE 4.2.3 - Displaying/modifying a menu item Block 2 Display Description To access a menu item, first choose a menu. Each menu LOFF Local Off: the unit is halted in local mode.

Gives access to up to 20 items. Local operation - Local On - Cooling Setpoint 1: the unit is in local L-C1 control mode and is authorised to start up in cooling mode with. • OPERATION PRESS BLOCK 3 BLOCK 1 BLOCK 2 - Selecting a menu item BUTTON DISPLAY DISPLAY buttons let you scroll through the menu items.

Hold down the MENU button until the LED for Menu item numbers are displayed in block 1. The item number SETPOINT lights. • ITEM INFORMATION TEMPERATURES PRESSURES SETPOINTS INPUTS OUTPUTS CONFIGURATIONS ALARMS ALARMS HIST. OPERATING LOG Operating Evaporator Circuit A Cooling Remote Compressor Password Number of Historic Unit type water entering discharge setpoint 1 start/stop status active alarms/ alarm code 1** operating temperature pressure contact status resets. 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport Repair Manual. • Depending on the configuration, the setpoint can Reserved for use by Carrier Service only be reset by reference to: Reserved for use by Carrier Service only • An external 0-10 V d.c.

Signal (supplied by customer or 0-10 V d.c. • Item 6 Heating/cooling operation The procedure for cancelling demand This information is only available on units limit disablement in local mode is exactly configured as heat pumps. This item shows the as described above. When the setpoint current operating mode. LED flashes, press the procedure for cancelling demand limit disablement in The cooling mode is active in the following.

• NOTE: The setpoint selection contact may in exceptional cases 4.2.5 - Description of the TEMPERATURES menu be configured as active (configuration by Carrier Service) if the unit operates in CCN mode as part of a master-slave link This menu displays the unit operating temperatures. All (see section 5.18). • 4.2.7 - SETPOINT menu Item 4 Reclaim setpoint This menu displays the unit setpoints. These points can be This item is used to display and modify modified when the unit is in Local operating mode. The reclaim setpoint. As in item 3, it is used to control condensation.