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Cushman Groom Master Manual

Groom Master ®II CHECK IT OUT! Scan with your smart phone to view the Groom Master® II product page. Get app using your smartphone at i-nigma.mobi The Groom Master ® II by Jacobsen® is a versatile and powerful machine for projects. Cushman Groom Master Bunker Rake Repair Manual pdf available these days for download. Get this Get this Cushman Groom Master Bunker Rake Repair Manual ebook in PDF, ePub, doc, PDF, DjVu and txt file.

• 4130278-Rev B 1 - I N C L U D E S I T E M S 3 - 1 6 Parts & Maintenance Manual Groom Master II™ Sand Trap Rake 88008, Kubota D662-E, 3WD 88009, Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, 3WD. Order by the quantity desired, the part number, paint must be prepaid. Code, and description of the part as given in the parts list. 2001 Cessna 182 Service Manual. Use of other than Jacobsen authorized parts will void the warranty. Table of Contents Safety Maintenance Operating Safety. • Suggested Stocking Guide To Keep your Equipment fully operational and productive, maintain a stock of the more commonly used maintenance items. We have included part numbers for additional support materials and training aids.

Cushman Groom Master Bunker Rake

A more complete listing of accessories and attachments can be found in the Specifications Section. Service Parts Qty. • Watch out for traffic when crossing or the job. Only use accessories and attachments operating on or near roads. Approved by Jacobsen.

Sand Trap Rake

Local regulations may restrict the age of the operator. Stay alert for holes in the terrain and other hidden hazards. • By following all instructions in this manual, you will prolong the life of your machine and maintain its maximum efficiency. Adjustments and maintenance should always be performed by a qualified technician. If additional information or service is needed, contact your Authorized Jacobsen Dealer who is kept informed of the latest Use of other than original or authorized methods to service this equipment and can provide prompt and efficient service.

• SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION_________________________________________________ 88008.Groom Master II 3-WD Tractor, 18.5 hp diesel engine. ® 88009.Groom Master II 3-WD Tractor, 18 A Textron Company hp gasoline engine. CHARLOTTE, NC MADE IN U.S.A.

2004 YEAR OF Serial Number.An identification plate, like the one PRODUCTION: shown, listing the serial number, is 88008. • ACCESSORIES & SUPPORT LITERATURE _____________________________________ Contact your area Jacobsen Dealer for a complete listing of accessories and attachments.

CAUTION Use of other than Jacobsen authorized parts and accessories may cause personal injury or damage to the equipment and will void the warranty Accesories Support Literature Air Blow Gun..JAC5098. • ADJUSTMENTS ADJUSTMENTS GENERAL________________________________________________________________ adjustment cannot be made, contact an authorized WARNING Jacobsen Dealer. Replace, adjust, worn damaged To prevent injury, lower implements to the ground, components.

Disengage all drives, engage parking brake, stop engine and remove key from ignition switch before 3. • ADJUSTMENTS NEUTRAL ADJUSTMENT (GAS UNITS) ________________________________________ 1.

Allow engine and hydraulic system to reach normal operating temperature. Move unit to a flat and level surface.

With engine running at full throttle, and traction pedal in neutral, release parking brake. Unit should not “creep”. • ADJUSTMENTS PARKING / SERVICE BRAKE ________________________________________________ Inspect brakes pads: Before returning unit to operation, drive tractor in a flat, whenever wheels are removed, open area and check operation of brakes to make sure if tractor creeps on hills with parking brake applied, they are operating correctly. • All torque values included in these charts are approximate and are for reference only.

Use of these torque values is at your sole risk. Jacobsen is not responsible for any loss, claim, or damage arising from the use of these charts. • Refer to Section 5.

And Engine Manual for specific efficiently at the preset governor setting. Do not change the maintenance intervals. Engine governor settings or overspeed the engine. During the break-in period, Jacobsen recommends the following: Diesel Engine: During the first 50 hours of operation, a new engine should be allowed to reach an operating temperature of at least 140°F (60°C) prior to operation at full load. • MAINTENANCE ENGINE OIL ______________________________________________________________ Check the engine oil at the start of each day, before starting the engine. If the oil level is low, remove oil filler cap and add Diesel Engine Dipstick oil as required. Diesel Engine: Perform initial oil change after first 50 hours of operation and Safe Operating Range every 75 hours thereafter.

• MAINTENANCE GAS ENGINE AIR FILTER ___________________________________________________ Remove and service the foam pre-cleaner every 25 hours. Replace if dirty or damaged.

To service pre-cleaner, wash in a liquid detergent and water. Squeeze dry in a clean cloth. Saturate in clean engine oil and squeeze out excess oil in a clean, absorbent cloth. • MAINTENANCE BATTERY ________________________________________________________________ Make absolutely certain the ignition switch is “Off” and the Verify battery polarity before connecting or disconnecting the battery cables. Key has been removed before servicing the battery.

When installing the battery, always assemble the RED, CAUTION positive (+) battery cable first and the ground, BLACK, negative (-) cable last. • Remove drain plug from bottom of main tank and loosen or remove breather cap. Check and clean the breather cap, replace as necessary. After oil has drained install drain plug and fill with Jacobsen Hydraulic oil.