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Yougar's YGS ZNC Series is an economical high speed EDM drilling machine that gets the simple job of 'Start Hole' drilling done fast and efficiently. PC-Based EDM System Operation Manual UNIT 3, HOLLINGDON DEPOT, STEWKLEY ROAD, SOULBURY, NR. Remove t he remote control box, key for door of Power. EDM retrofit manual D T S. EDM retrofit manual D T S. Skip navigation Sign in. E D M retrofit manual agust sugiono. The Portable EDM safely and easily removes broken studs, taps, screws and drills without damaging the threads: The Control Electrical specs. Manual Jog up/down.

EDM Technical Manual Poco Graphite, Inc. Revised February 2013 ©1994-2013 Poco Graphite, Inc. 300 Old Greenwood Road Decatur, Texas 76234 Acknowledgment POCO's continuing commitment to the EDM industry necessitated evaluating new machine technology to see how POCO graphites perform and reporting the results to the EDM community. Poco Graphite, Inc. Would like to express appreciation to Mitsubishi International Corporation, EDM Division, for the loan of one of their K series machines (M35K).

All of the test cuts needed to accumulate the data for the performance section of the EDM Technical Manual were conducted on this machine. Along with the use of this machine, Mitsubishi also provided set-up, operator training and technical support. Ford Lightning Manual. POCO and Mitsubishi felt that a cooperative agreement would provide educational results for both companies. The arrangement allowed this phase of the Objective Comparison Testing Program to be conducted on one of the new technology machines and Mitsubishi was provided with machine performance data using graphite electrodes. The M35K was equipped with a 32-position tool changer.

This tool changer allowed overnight cuts to be made and the machine to run virtually without interruptions. Cat Cs563e Service Manual. Due to the number of workmetal and graphite combinations and the necessary replications, this program lasted almost four years and has provided valuable data for the EDM community. Preface There are many electrode materials available for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). Material selection should be based on technical data because electrode performance coupled with an operator's skill affects the outcome of any EDM job. Due to the number of brands and grades to choose from, material evaluation and the final material selection can be difficult. There are some obvious differences in appearance and not so obvious differences in the properties and characteristics of EDM graphites. All of these will ultimately affect an electrode's performance during EDM.

The less obvious the differences, the more challenging will be the user's job of selecting the proper electrode material for a particular application. To aid the EDMer in the selection of electrode materials, POCO has revised the existing EDM Technical Manual and added information from A Practical Guide to Electrode Material Selection.