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Honeywell St7100 Programmer Manual

Ensure your system contains a room thermostat and a hot water thermostat, Honeywell reserves the right to modify this document, product and functionality without notice. This document replaces any previously issued instructions and is only applicable to the product(s) and that both are set to appropriate temperature levels: typically 20°C for the. Honda Shadow Aero Vt750c Owners Manual. • ST9400A Controls Layout Contents CONFIGURATION & SERVICE DATA WHAT IS A PROGRAMMER?

Honeywell St7100 Programmer Manual

Boiler & System Service Log General Description..3 The way to use a Programmer..3 The space below can be used to provide a record of boiler & system services and GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR ST9400A the names and contact numbers of the Installer and Service Personnel. Step 1: Setting the Date & Time..4 HOT WATER HEATING Step 2: Running a Built-in Programme..5 This information is important for a Home Information Pack. PROGRAMMING YOUR ST9400A Service/Installation. • ST9400A has 1-day programming and 2 on/off periods per day.

It is simple to use but still allows heating and hot water to be set at different times from each other. • Step 1: Setting the Date & Time Your ST9400A had the date and time set at the factory, and these are normally maintained by a backup battery in the event of power failures.

Honeywell St7100 Programmer Manual.pdf Free Download Here User Manual http://www.homexpertbyhoneywell.com/Documents/EN%20Manuals/THR860SUK-EN-d04.pdf.

If you wish to change the date or time, or if the LoT™. • Step 2: Running a Built-in Programme With the date and time correct, your ST9400A Programmer will now be operating to the built-in programmes. These have been designed to provide heating and hot water at typical times throughout the day, but if you want to customise the settings. • The table below has been left blank for you to record your own personal programme.

For ease of use, your ST9400A is supplied as standard with only 2 on/off’s enabled. To enable ON/OFF period 3 see Fine Tuning your ST900A (page 12). • PROGRAMMING YOUR ST900A Reviewing the Programme Times To review your hot water programme, move the slider to the HOT WATER position. To review your heating programme, move the slider to the HEATING position. To review the programme times, press the button repeatedly. • OFF marker may start to flash. This indicates you have tried to set a time equal to one of the previous programme times.

If this happens the ST9400A simply moves both times together as long as you continue to press the buttons. • PROGRAMMING YOUR ST900A Modifying the Heating Programme The heating programme has two pairs of ON/OFF switching times per day.

Each time can be set between 3.00 am and 2.50 am (on the next day) to allow you to programme the heating to stay on past midnight, if required. • OPERATING YOUR ST900A Choosing the Operating Mode (for Heating and/or Hot Water) The operating mode may only be changed when the slider is set DAY/TIME to the RUN position. HOT WATER A green INDICATOR LAMP shows when the heating or hot HEATING water is switched ON. • OPERATING YOUR ST900A Overriding the Operation Without Changing the Programmes In AUTO and ONCE operating modes, the OVERRIDE buttons switch the heating or hot water ON or OFF without altering the programme. When the indicator lamp is ON, pressing the OVERRIDE button switches the heating or hot water OFF until the next programmed ON time. • Changing from AM/PM Time Display to the 2 Hour Clock Your ST9400A can operate on the 12 hour AM/PM or 24 hour clock formats.