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International 2012 7600 Owners Manual2014 International 7600 Owners Manual

Hey guys, Looking at possibly adding a 10 wheeler to our fleet in an effort to keep some of our trucking in house. When we started off we only had one ton dumps, and since 2000 its been only 33k GVW 6 wheelers with 8-10 yard bodies. We had 2000 and 2008 Ford F750s, our 08 had the post emission Cat motor, and had all kinds of problems with the motor's computer which would shut the motor down, we had it 8 months and sold it back to our Ford dealer and now have an 2006 International 7400 33k 6 wheeler with the 300 hp DT530 engine. Just in the initial stages, so not sure if we will hold onto the 7400 but we are looking at a 2005 International 7600 with a Cat C13, 430 hp, 8LL, 20k front, 46k rears, 14' Brandon dump, with fairly low miles for a pretty good price. We know what we want, we want an International 7600 to keep the same look and because we have a good relationship with our dealer, unless of course there's a deal on maybe a Peterbilt or Kenworth that is too good to pass up. So wondering if anyone owns this truck, fairly close in year and what your opinion is.

Remington 7600 Owners ManualInternational 7600 Owners Manual

Looking for opinions on truck, that specific motor, we know what our old Cat motor was like in the '00 (couldn't get much better) and our '08 (couldn't get much worse), and Brandon bodies, we've had either Heil or Godwin. I have a 07 7600 similar specs but with the Cummings ISM 410 HP. Brandon dump body also with the cropped front corners. Only problem is the check engine light comes on alot. Goes out after a few starts. Had a local mechanic pull the codes and said ignore it. I do not have the DPF.

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I can haul 20 ton on the truck. A little underpowered when climing Franconia Notch, usually down to 45 MPH by the time I get to the top. Fine in the flatlands. Just solid my 01 F 750, was not being used anymore. How much for the truck? I paid $80k, but it only had 17K miles on it when I bought it. Hp 42s Manual.

I didn't talked to the guy, someone else did, but its around 85k miles for like $65,000. Not a whole lot of miles for a 7 year old truck, but its about the same we have on our 6 wheeler, 35k miles on a 3 year old truck.

I think 430hp is enough for a 10 wheeler, but I personally would rather have the Maxxforce engine in it or a Cummins, but we have had no problems yet with the DT530. Even though Cat has the deal with Navistar to help build their engines, I dont know how well Cat will stand by their motors 5 or more years from now.

I had a 7600 tandem dump, C13 Cat with Allison auto, I was very happy the day I sold it, saw it leave the yard and I had a verified check in my hand. There was no problem with the C13 or the Allison, it was the truck they were in that caused my grief. The main issues were electrical. Internationals, or at the least the newer ones I have owned, have gremlins in the electrical system. I had a lot of trouble out of the A/C system on the 7600 and the 4300 I had. Couldn't keep the A/C running in the 7600 and when I sold it, it didn't work.

A/C is important down south as you all know we have tough summers. Literally, we would get the truck out of the shop - the A/C would work for a few days and go out. This happened too many times. I finally solved the problem and sold the truck at a small loss to get rid of it.:cool2 A friend of mine has a 4300 roll-back and he has experienced the same issues: electrical gremlins - the dash lights will go on and off for no apparent reason and he his constantly having the A/C worked on. From my limited experience with owning two of the newer International trucks (a 7600 and 4300), I would pass. The company I worked for had 2 IH single axle dumps, both were wiring nightmares.

It didn't help that the mechanic was a wire cutter either. If a circuit didn't work, he'd clip the wire and wire it to a power source. It wasn't unusual to have brake lights that didn't work without the marker lights on.

Then they bought a new IH 6 axle and in the first month the electric fan would quit working! IH rebuilt the engine and replaced the wiring harness. A month later the fan went out again.

No power to the fan motor. That truck was at IH more than it was on the job.