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Find great deals on eBay for Mercury Outboard Manual in Boats & Watercraft. 45-225 HP, 1972-1989. Mercury Mariner 135 • 150 • 175 • 200 2. Parts Manual; Service Manual; Purchase a Manual. Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corporation. View and Download Mercury XR2 user manual online. XR2 Boat pdf manual download. Also for: Xr2 ss. Find great deals on eBay for mercury xr2 150. Shop with confidence. This Mercury 150 HP XR4 2-Stroke outboard service manual is the same service manual used by professional marine technicians. If we can provide additional assistance of any kind please feel free.

• This manual has been prepared to assist you in the operation, safe use and care of your outboard. All of us at Mercury Marine took pride in building your out- board and wish you many years of happy and safe boat- ing.

• TABLE OF CONTENTS General Information Boater’s Responsibilities.. Before Operating Your Outboard. • TABLE OF CONTENTS Operation Pre-Starting Check List.. Special Operating Instructions. •.The description and specifications contained herein were in effect at the time this manual was approved for printing. Mercury Marine, whose policy is one of continued improvement, reserves the right to discontinue models at any time, to change specifications, designs, methods, or procedures without notice or incurring obligation.

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• GENERAL INFORMATION oba1 Boater’s Responsibilities The operator (driver) is responsible for the correct and safe operation of the boat and safety of its occupants and general public. It is strong- ly recommended that each operator (driver) read and understand this entire manual before operating the outboard.

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Be sure at least one additional person on board is instructed in the basics of starting and operating the outboard and boat handling in case the driver is unable to operate the boat. • GENERAL INFORMATION U.S. COAST GUARD CAPACITY MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER XXX MAXIMUM PERSON CAPACITY (POUNDS) MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY obc1 Boat Horsepower Capacity Do not overpower or overload your boat.

Mercury Xr2 150 Hp S/n B122884 Manual

Most boats will carry a required capacity plate indicating the maximum acceptable pow- er and load as determined by the manufacturer following certain federal guidelines. • GENERAL INFORMATION obe1 Outboard Remote Control The remote control connected to your outboard must be equipped with a start-in-gear protection device. This prevents the engine from starting when the outboard is in gear. WARNING Avoid serious injury or death from a sudden unexpected ac- celeration when starting your engine.

• GENERAL INFORMATION hbg1 Lanyard Stop Switch The purpose of a lanyard stop switch is to turn off the engine when the operator moves far enough away from the operator’s position (as in accidental ejection from the operator’s position) to activate the switch. Tiller handle outboards and some remote control units are equipped with a lanyard stop switch.

• GENERAL INFORMATION Lanyard Stop Switch (Continued) Read the following Safety Information before proceeding. Important Safety Information: The purpose of a lanyard stop switch is to stop the engine when the operator moves far enough away from the operator’s position to activate the switch. This would occur if the operator accidentally falls overboard or moves within the boat a sufficient distance from the operator’s position. • GENERAL INFORMATION Lanyard Stop Switch (Continued) Accidental or unintended activation of the switch during normal op- eration is also a possibility. This could cause any, or all, of the follow- ing potentially hazardous situations: 1. Occupants could be thrown forward due to unexpected loss of forward motion –.

• GENERAL INFORMATION Protecting People In The Water WHILE YOU ARE CRUISING It is very difficult for a person standing or floating in the water to take quick action to avoid a boat heading in his/her direction even at slow speed. Always slow down and exercise extreme caution any time you are boating in an area where there might be people in the water. • GENERAL INFORMATION Courtesy of ABYC Exhaust Emissions BE ALERT TO CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING Carbon monoxide is present in the exhaust fumes of all internal com- bustion engines including the outboards, stern drives and inboard engines that propel boats, as well as the generators that power vari- ous boat accessories. • GENERAL INFORMATION Courtesy of ABYC Exhaust Emissions (Continued) POOR VENTILATION Under certain running and/or wind conditions, permanently enclosed or canvas enclosed cabins or cockpits with insufficient ventilation may draw in carbon monoxide.

Install one or more carbon monoxide detectors in your boat. Although the occurrence is rare, on a very calm day, swimmers and passengers in an unclosed area of a stationary boat that contains or is near a running engine may be exposed to a hazardous level of car. • Mercury Marine Quicksilver accessories are available from Mercury Marine dealers. Some accessories not manufactured or sold by Mercury Marine are not designed to be safely used with your outboard or outboard oper- ating system. Acquire and read the installation, operation, and main- tenance manuals for all your selected accessories. • GENERAL INFORMATION Safe Boating Suggestions (Continued) Know and obey all nautical rules and laws of the waterways. Boat operators should complete a boating safety course.

Courses are offered in the U.S.A. By (1) The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, (2) The Power Squadron, (3) The Red Cross and (4) your state boating law enforcement agency. • GENERAL INFORMATION Safe Boating Suggestions (Continued) Watch fallen skiers.

When using your boat for water skiing or similar activities, always keep a fallen or down skier on the operator’s side of the boat while returning to attend the skier. The operator should always have the down skier in sight and never back up to the skier or anyone in the water. • GENERAL INFORMATION Torque Requirements ITEM TORQUE Connecting Rods 30 lb. (41 Nm) 271 Loctite Crankcase Cover to Block 3/8 in. (54 Nm) Light Oil 5/16 in.

(23 Nm) Light Oil Exhaust Divider Plate Cover 200 lb. • GENERAL INFORMATION Specifications MODEL Horsepower 180 (134kw) Propshaft Kilowatts Full Throttle RPM Range 6000-7000 Idle RPM in Forward Gear 650-750 Weight 350 lbs. (159 kg) Piston Displacement 122 cu.

(2.0L/1998cc) Bore 3.125 in. (79.5 mm) Stroke 2.65 in. (67 mm) Recommended Spark Plug NGK-BUHW (P/N 33-97180) Firing Order. • GENERAL INFORMATION Component Identification 1.

Transom Brackets 2. Cowl Latch 9. Trim Adjustment Bolt 3. Bottom Cowl 10. Water Pump Indicator Hose I di 11 W t 11.

Water Discharge Di h (Tell-Tale) (Tell Tale) 12 Cooling Water Intake Holes 12. • INSTALLATION Installing Outboard WARNING Before operation, the outboard must be correctly installed with four mounting bolts shown. Failure to correctly fasten outboard could result in outboard ejecting off boat transom causing serious injury, death, or property damage. We strongly recommend that your dealer install your outboard and related accessories to ensure proper installation and good performance. • INSTALLATION ghc3 OUTBOARD MOUNTING HEIGHT Use the following chart to determine the proper mounting height (a) for your outboard.

Gear Case Minimum Height Maximum Height Application Sport Master 27” (68cm) 30” (76cm) ocb1 Propeller Selection For best all around performance from your outboard/boat combi- nation, select a propeller that allows the engine to operate in the upper half of the recommended full throttle RPM range with the boat normally loaded (refer to Specifications). • TRANSPORTING odc1 Trailering Boat/Outboard Trailer your boat with the outboard tilted down (vertical operating po- sition). Simple Comfort 2015 Thermostat Manual more.

If additional ground clearance is required, the outboard should be tilted up using an outboard support bar. Additional clearance may be required for railroad crossings, driveways and trailer bouncing. IMPORTANT: Do not rely on the power trim/tilt system or tilt support lever to maintain proper ground clearance for trailer- ing. • FUEL & OIL Gasoline Recommendations UNITED STATES AND CANADA Use a major brand of automotive unleaded gasoline with a minimum posted octane rating of 87. Mid-grade automotive gasolines that con- tain fuel injector cleaner are preferred for added internal engine cleanliness. • FUEL & OIL Oil Recommendation Use Mercury Hi-Performance Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Oil.