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• Users manual: Mitsubishi Delica SpaceGear Dr D John Pons The following data have been collected from various sources, including verbal discussions and opinions of others. The author makes no claim for the accuracy of the data nor accepts any liability in connection with their use. • 0 Vehicle details Useful details when you buy spare parts Year Configuration Registration number Engine type Engine number Model Chassis number Transaxle number Color int opt. • 1 Getting started This is a quick driving tutorial. Driving the Delica Gearbox must be in park mode (P).

Mitsubishi Delica 4m40 Workshop Manual

Title: ENGINE Workshop Manual 4M4 (W-E) Author: Made by MMC Subject: 11A, Engine, English Created Date: 9/27/1999 9:30:43 PM. Repair manuals for Mitsubishi Delica, as well as operating and maintenance manuals, electrical wiring diagrams for Mitsubishi Delica vehicles since 1994, left-hand and right-hand drive, equipped with 4D56 diesel engines with a working capacity of 2.5 liters. And 4M40 working volume of 2.8 liters.

Delica Manual For Sale

Turn ignition key until instrument lights are illuminated (see Figure 1). Wait until glow plug light (see Figure 1) is extinguished.

This usually happens very fast, or even instantly if the engine is already warm. • 2 Instruments and gears This section describes the main driver controls. Instrument panel Delica 1997 Figure 1 Instrument panel See Figure 1 for the layout. Gearbox: Shows gear position for automatic gearbox. Also an ‘O/D off’ indicator if overdrive has been deselected by the driver. • Glow plug status (coil symbol)- usually on momentarily when ignition is energised. Wait for this light to extinguish before turning the engine.

Mitsubishi Delica 2.8td 4M40 morning start:( Edit: problem was only glow plugs. This ugly knocking sound disappeared after short drive when engine warmed up. Mitsubishi Triton 4m40 Engine Manual. MITSUBISHI DELICA 4M40-T ENGINE FOR SALE / 07 3808 4225 BRISBANE TRITON 4M40-T ENGINE $3,300.00 CANTER FB511 4M40 ENGINE $0.00.

Engine revolutions per minute (revs). The information is of no real value if you have an automatic gearbox and mainly use drive (D).

But if you are heavily laden, then it’s useful to check that the revs are not too low - low revs under high load will generate more heat in the gearbox. • The driver has to manually engage and disengage four wheel drive (4WD) using the 'Super Select' selection lever. This is typical of a full 4WD vehicle, and gives the Delica full 4WD capability (the same capability as the Mitsubishi Pajero for. • By comparison some other vehicles (e.g. Mitsubishi RVR SportsGear) have permanently engaged 4WD over which the driver has no control. For driving in town and on sealed roads (bitumen or concrete), two wheel drive is adequate. The 4WD selection lever is floor mounted, see Figure 2.

• Stop completely before engaging or disengaging this gear. Same warning applies as for 4HLc, i.e don’t use on high-grip surfaces. The low range ‘L’ always has locked central differential ‘Lc’. You can’t have low range on its own with the Mitsubishi design. Additional controls 2.3.1 Door controls Controls located on the driver’s door are shown in Figure 3.

• driver height. 2.3.3 Windscreen wiper controls The controls are shown in Figure 5. Rear wiper - twist anticlockwise to activate.

Water squirt at the end of the range in both directions. Water fill bottle is at left rear of vehicle, see Figure 6. Front wipers - rotate downwards to Figure 5: Windscreen wiper controls. • 3 Solving simple problems Changing a wheel The spare wheel is underneath at the rear. The tools are inside at the rear right, see Figure 7. Figure 7: Jack and tools for changing tyre. Extra socket for 12 V power also visible (round black cap) - takes cigarette lighter type fitting.

• Once the bolt has been unscrewed sufficiently, it lowers the cage holding the spare wheel. The spare wheel can now be removed, see Figure 9. Figure 9: Releasing the spare wheel. Slide it out backwards.

Remove the plastic wheel cap (if fitted) with the tool provided, or a flat screwdriver, see Figure 10. • Delica, and only for high-top models from 1996 onwards. (A similar part, 425, is for a low top Delica). Available in NZ from Hampco for NZ$430 for a set (4 feet plus two bars). In Australia the price is AU$250. • Tow-bar Tow bars are readily available for the Delica. However, the factory rear chrome bars usually have to be taken off.

The standard electrical wiring in Australia and New Zealand is a 7-pin flat plug. The wiring of the pins is shown in Figure 12. • The Delica is unusual in having the engine at the front, whereas other coaches (e.g.

Toyota) tend to have it under the driver seat. The Delica layout is a consequence of the design philosophy that adopts the Pajero layout. As a result, the bonnet for the Delica engine bay is short, and the firewall. • Hose and clamp for compressed air flowing from turbo-charger through inter- cooler, and into engine. Intercooler - cools down hot air ex turbo-charger. Fill cap for power steering. Mercury 150 Hp Xr2 Manual.

Battery terminal. There are two Figure 15: Left side of engine bay. Batteries in parallel in this model. • This section is a basic introduction for new users. Delica manoeuvrability For town driving, the Delica behaves much as a normal sedan. It's light to steer (requires no special physical strength) due to the power steering. The engine is powerful so it accelerates reasonably well.

• Figures 16-19. Roll-over Stability The Delica, like any full 4WD, has a greater risk of rolling sideways than a sedan.

This is because the centre of gravity is higher though the width is comparable. In normal town driving there are few, if any, circumstances where the slope of the land is so steep that the vehicle can roll when stationary. • 6 Off-road Many if not most Delica owners are families who expect to do only minor off-road activities. Consequently they are at risk of being under-prepared and inexperienced when they do occasionally venture off-road. This section provides basic guidance to reduce this risk.

• Also, reduce tyre pressure - this gives a bigger ground footprint, hence lower pressure on the soft surface. A pressure of 140 - 70 kPa (1. Computer Networks Tanenbaum 4th Edition Solution Manual. 4 - 0.7 bar or 20-10 psi) has been reported as fine for Delica in soft sand [7].

Generally inner tubes would be recommended at these low pressures. • Use 4H Drive a straight course [18] In general, deflate the tyres to 140 kPa (20 psi) [20].

For Delica the range seems to be 140 - 70 kPa (1.4 - 0.7 bar or 20-10 psi) [7] Drive straight up slopes (not along the contour) • 4WD, or driving uphill or towing then the chains should go on the driving wheels, which for Delica are the rear [25]. (For front-wheel drive cars, the chains should always go on the front wheels, as this is where the propulsion and the steering takes place.) • Towing ropes/straps should be firmly attached, preferably with a shackle.

Spectators should stand well aside in case the rope breaks or the mounting points pull out. Do not tow using the factory fitted chrome bars, as these can rip off [12]. • 7 Service Service intervals Service 5 000 20 000 40 000 100 000 Comment Change engine oil and Filter RZ372 and 6.5 litre of oil 15W40 oil filter CF/B2-96 or better Fuel tank - drain 2 at change of ownership litres and check amount of dirt Check brake pads.

• Purchasers of a used vehicle might consider doing all the items in the 40 000 km column and before, as the previous owner might not have done them. Changing engine oil The best thing you can do to prolong the life of your diesel engine is to replace the engine oil frequently. • Oil filter and sump drain plug should now be visible, see Figure 25. Undo sump drain plug with 17 mm socket and collect oil in container. Replace sump drain plug.