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The drum slides support the front of the dryer drum. As they start to break down it may cause your dryer to make noise or not dry clothes in the usual amount of time.

This item is sold individually. You will need to purchase two for both sides of your dryer.

They attach to the outer-most sides of the bearing. The manufacturer recommends replacing both slides at the same time. Take this opportunity to clean out the lint and dust in the dryer, to keep it running smoothly. This is a genuine replacement part that comes directly from the manufacturer. This thermal fuse is used in dryers as a safety mechanism that stops the flow of electricity to the motor circuit when a dryer overheats. This replacement part features two 3/16 inch terminals, and is sold individually. When this fuse is faulty, your dryer will not start or it will not heat properly.

This is a one-time fuse, meaning it cannot be re-set. It must be replaced when there is no longer continuity between the terminals. It attaches to the blower wheel housing.

Blown fuses can be caused by clogged dryer vents. We recommend checking to make sure all of the vents are clear when you perform this repair. This is a door catch kit, and it is designed for use with your dryer. On your appliance you will find both a strike and a catch. Hitachi Zx210 Service Manual more.

These two parts work together to keep your dryer door closed. This kit includes two strikes, three catches, and a set of instructions.

Each of the door catches included have a different tension. Make sure you use the one that matches the existing catch on your appliance. All three of these are color-coded, and have a number on the back.

The instruction sheet will tell you which catch you need to use for your specific model type. This multi rib belt is an important part in your dryer, it is what helps rotate the drum.

The belt attaches to the drum, idler pulley, and motor pulley. As the armature of the motor rotates, the belt begins to move and turns the drum.

If you notice the drum of your dryer is not spinning during the dry cycle, but you hear the motor running, your belt may have snapped and it will need to be replaced. This belt features four ribs and three grooves, however it replaces a wide variety of belts including wider styles that had five ribs and four grooves. When installing this part make sure the grooves are facing down, against the drum. This replacement part is 92 1/4 inches in length, and 1/4 inch wide. Toyota Hilux V6 Engine Manual.

Before you begin any repair work, make sure your dryer has been unplugged. This front drum bearing helps your dryer operate as quietly as possible. This is an OEM part and is sold individually. It is about 10 inches in height and 22 inches in width.

It is made entirely out of plastic and is white in color. If your dryer model has a light in it, remove the light bulb before removing the bearing because it will hit the bulb and potentially shatter it. Please note that although the slides are not included in this part, the drum slides should also be replaced when replacing this bearing. This is a duct felt seal for a dryer. The duct felt seal allows the front-load dryer drum to glide smoothly on the front panel.

Your dryer will not function properly if the drum felt seal is compromised. Disconnect power to the dryer before completing this repair. You will need to remove the front of the dryer to gain access to the felt seal. This felt seal may differ in appearance from your original but will function the same as your original. This is an OEM replacement part that is sourced directly from the authentic manufacturer. This is a dryer drum drive belt. It is 89.5 inches long with four ribs on the inside for a better grip.

The drive belt on your dryer attaches to the motor pulley and then wraps around the drum and a tensioner pulley, and spins the drum as the motor rotates. Your dryer drum cannot spin without this belt. Belts can stretch or become brittle over time which may cause it to malfunction.