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Suzuki Bandit Repair Manual

• 9 9 5 0 0 - 3 9 3 0 0 - 0 1 E. • FOREWORD This manual contains an introductory description on the SUZUKI GSF1250/S/A/SA and procedures for its inspec- tion/service and overhaul of its main components.

Other information considered as generally known is not included. Read the GENERAL INFORMATION section to familiarize yourself with the motorcycle and its maintenance. Use this section as well as other sections to use as a guide for proper inspection and service. • TABLE OF CONTENTS Precautions.. 00-i Precautions..00-1 General Information..

0-i General Information.0A-1 Maintenance and Lubrication. 0B-1 Service Data..0C-1 Engine.. 1-i Precautions..

1-1 Engine General Information and Diagnosis. 1A-1 Emission Control Devices.1B-1 Engine Electrical Devices.1C-1 Engine Mechanical..1D-1 Engine Lubrication System. • Table of Contents 00- i Section 00 Precautions CONTENTS Precautions.00-1 General Precautions.. 00-1 Precautions for Electrical Circuit Service. 00-2 Precautions..00-1 Warning / Caution / Note.00-1.

• CAUTION Indicates a potential hazard that could result • If parts replacement is necessary, replace in death or injury. The parts with Suzuki Genuine Parts or their equivalent. CAUTION • When removing parts that are to be reused, keep them arranged in an orderly manner. • Precautions: 00-2 • Use a torque wrench to tighten fasteners • Before refitting the sealed coupler, make sure its seal to the specified torque. Wipe off grease rubber is positioned properly. The seal rubber may and oil if a thread is smeared with them.

Possibly come off the position during disconnecting work and if the coupler is refitted with the seal rubber •. • 00-3 Precautions: Switch • Check the male connector for bend and female connector for excessive opening. Also check the Never apply grease material to switch contact points to coupler for locking (looseness), corrosion, dust, etc. Prevent damage. ECM / ABS control unit / HU / Various sensors •. • Precautions: 00-4 • Be careful not to touch the electrical terminals of the electronic parts (ECM, ABS control unit/HU, etc.). The static electricity from your body may damage them.

I6-02 Battery • Battery connection in reverse polarity is strictly prohibited. Such a wrong connection will damage the I3-01 components of the FI and ABS systems instantly •.

• 00-5 Precautions: • Before measuring voltage at each terminal, check to 1) Disconnect the negative (–) cable from the battery. Make sure that battery voltage is 11 V or higher. 2) Check each connector/coupler at both ends of the Terminal voltage check with a low battery voltage will circuit being checked for loose connection. • Precautions: 00-6 Continuity check 3) Also, if measured values are as listed following, a resistance (abnormality) exists which causes the 1) Measure resistance across coupler “B” (between “A” voltage drop in the circuit between terminals “A” and and “C” in figure). John Deere 855 Owners Manual. • 3) Measure resistance between terminal at one end of Using The Multi-Circuit Testers circuit (“A” terminal in figure) and body ground.

If • Use the Suzuki multi-circuit tester set. Continuity is indicated, there is a short circuit to • Use well-charged batteries in the tester. • Precautions: 00-8 • After using the tester, turn the power off. Special tool: 8 (Multi-circuit tester set) I6-02 NOTE • When connecting the multi-circuit tester, use the needle pointed probe to the back side of the lead wire coupler and connect the probes of tester to them.

• 00-9 Precautions. 0A-1 Evaporative Emission Control System Abbreviations..0A-1 Inspection (E-33 Only).0B-10 SAE-to-Former SUZUKI Term.0A-2 Engine Oil and Filter Replacement.0B-10 Vehicle Side View.0A-3 Throttle Cable Play Inspection and Vehicle Identification Number.0A-4 Adjustment..0B-12. Use engine oil unless otherwise specified.

Apply molybdenum oil solution. (Mixture of engine oil and SUZUKl MOLY PASTE in a ratio of 1:1). Apply SUZUKI SUPER GREASE “A” or equivalent. 0 Apply SUZUKI MOLY PASTE or equivalent.

0 Apply SUZUKI SILICONE GREASE or equivalent. • J1930 terms and abbreviations which may be used in this manual in compliance with SAE recommendations, Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM): — as well as their former SUZUKI names. Pulsed Secondary Air Injection (PAIR): Pulse Air Ex. SAE term (Abbreviation): Former SUZUKI term.

• Volume Air Flow (VAF): Air Flow I7-01 Left Side Vehicle Side View B73 NOTE Difference between illustration and actual motorcycles may exist depending on the markets. SUZUKI GSF1250 (2007-model) Right Side I7-02 SUZUKI GSF1250A (2007-model) Right Side I7-01 Left Side I7-01 I7-02. • PERFORMANCE 4 MOTOR OIL or equivalent engine oil. Use of SF/SG or SH/SJ in API with MA in JASO. Suzuki recommends the use of SAE 10W-40 engine oil.

If SAE 10W-40 engine oil is not available, select and alternative according to the chart. • 3 250 ml (3.4/2.9 US/Imp qt) oil. Use of SF/SG or SH/SJ in API with MA in JASO. Suzuki recommends the use of SAE 10W-40 engine oil. For engine coolant mixture information, refer to “Engine If SAE 10W-40 engine oil is not available, select an Coolant Description in Section 1F (Page 1F-1)”. • General Information: 0A-6 Country and Area Codes B78 The following codes stand for the applicable country(-ies) and area(-s). Code Country or Area Effective Frame No.