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• For all customer enquiries or for replacement parts, contact:- 03 www.flymo.com [email protected] • Carton Contents IMPORTANT!

Turbo 350 Repair Manual

BEFORE IF ANY PARTS ARE MISSING CONTACT:- Safety Explanation of Symbols on the Turbo Compact Vision. • General Electrical banks steep before Maintenance and storage Preparation. • Cables CABLES destroyed. There is an electric shock hazard if a IMPORTANT cut off plug is inserted into a 13 amp socket. • No earth required.

Maximum rating: THE TURBO COMPACT VISION IS SUPPLIED Ensure the mains voltage suits your product WITH AN ELECTRIC MAINS CABLE FITTED IMPORTANT! WITH A FEMALE CONNECTOR. • Starting and Stopping To Start your Lawnmower The switchbox is provided with a lock-off button (J1) to prevent accidental starting. NOTE: There are two start/stop levers fitted. Either one can be used for starting the lawnmower.

Document Read Online Turbo 350 Assembly Manual Turbo 350 Assembly Manual - In this site is not the thesame as a answer manual you purchase in a cd stock.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the start/stop levers inter- mittently To Stop your Lawnmower How to Mow. • Removing and fitting the Blade and Fan Removing the Blade and Fan • Renew your metal blade after 50 hours mowing or 2 years whichever is the sooner - regardless of condition.

• If the blade is cracked or damaged replace it with a new one. • Caring for your Lawnmower cont’ • • • IMPORTANT Transporting the lawnmower • At the End of the Mowing Season Storing the lawnmower (X) Fault Finding Hints Fails to Operate Poor Collection Immediately disconnect from the mains electricity sup- ply and consult your local approved Service Centre. Poor Flotation Disconnect from the mains electricity supply and consult your local approved Service Centre. • Service Recommendations complete machine including cable and any exten- sion cables used. All of the centres listed stock genuine Flymo Spare Parts.

NOTE: Our Service Repairers act on their own behalf and are not empowered to commit or legally bind Should it be necessary for work to be carried out by Electrolux Outdoor Products in any manner whatsoever.

Can teach you! Need help, at your location, with a rebuild in Southern California? I can come to you, or give help by telephone! This website is sponsored by a General Motors factory-trained Chevrolet dealership transmission rebuilder, who also ran private automatic transmission shops for 10 years! Buick Cadillac Chevrolet GMC Oldsmobile Pontiac turbo 350 only.com I don't sell any parts or supplies, but will tell you where to find them! 350 specifications: cast aluminum case, iron valve body; weight- 120 pounds length- 21 3/4' 4 output shaft extension housing choices: 6', 9', 12', 4WD Here is a 4WD, the shortest output shaft: An output shaft housing is what the driveshaft plugs into. It is aluminum and is held to the rear of the transmission case with 4 bolts.

Above: example of a 6' housing. 350 pan shape: Has 13 pan bolts. Use a 1/2' socket. 350 pan gasket: Two types: Cork and Fiber (fiber is the most preferred) There are three main case patterns: 1) The Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Cadillac engine-to-transmission bellhousing bolt pattern is easily identified by the 'ears' at the top and by the valley centered at the top, (below): 2) The Chevy pattern is peaked at the top center (below): 3) The dual-fit or multi-fit pattern case has both patterns built in, and fits any General Motors of those years. You can see both the valley and peak designs (below). The alignment pin holes and the lower bolt are the same.

The alignment of the 350 transmission is done by two metal pins sticking out of the rear of the engine block; the 6 bolts hold the trans straight against the engine block. Bolt 'tip/trick': Removing the top 2 bellhousing bolts from underneath the car is made easier when the rear of the trans is hanging down and then using a 9/16' swivel-socket on a very long extension. Also: remove the engine distributor cap before removing the transmission. QUESTION: 'Do I need to replace the torque converter?' ANSWER: 'Mechanically, most old converters are fine. BUT: If your transmission had any crud in it, so does your converter, and there is no way to ever get it all out now. Eventually, that crud will be pumped out into the new transmission.

Also: -- check the shiny chrome part of it that plugs into the front of the transmission. Inspect for wear where it has been spinning in the pump bushing. --stick a finger deep into the converter. The gear you feel should turn only in one direction, not both. If the trans died because a shaft broke, and there is no clutch material or anything in the pan, maybe you can use the old converter. Otherwise, it is usually best to replace the torque converter with a new one or with a properly rebuilt one. Nobody guarantees a rebuild when using an old converter.'

One way to tell if a 350 is 'lock-up' or is a 'regular' is the input shaft (the part that sticks out the front, deep into the torque converter) lock-up, above ( weaker model of 1980-1986) regular, below ( strong model of 1969-1979) NOTE: they use different torque converters 350 forward clutch 350 speedo gear (some use 'thin clips', some use 'wide clips') Different color gears are different outer sizes; use to adjust a speedometer not reading correct due to a new tire height QUESTION: 'What's the difference between a 6-cylinder engine turbo 350 and an 8-cylinder engine turbo 350?' ANSWER: 'Internal only.

The direct drum and the forward drum from an 8-cylinder model have shorter pistons in them, allowing an extra clutch plate each, spreading the wear over more clutch material, making it more heavy-duty. It is easy to make this upgrade.' View from rear 350 accumulator cover (it is easy to damage its rounded seal when rebuilding, causing later leaking. A special tool helps to install it.) QUESTION: 'I installed a good working 350 trans, and it now won't shift past 2nd (into 3rd/Drive).

Ust 3500w Generator Manual. What could I have done wrong in the installation?' ANSWER: 'Assuming there are no internal issues, usually it is one of 3 items listed below.

Kick-down cable adjusted too tight 2. Not proper intake-manifold vacumn to modulator 3. Governor not opening valve ' (more to be added here later) QUESTION: I'm done rebuilding and I found this piece left over-- what is it? ANSWER: Known as a 350 'center-support anti-clunk spring', (more to be added here later).

(shown as one very long page to allow you to quick-print the whole thing for reference) General Motors TurboHydramatic 350 1969-1979 More than 25 million were produced; used in cars, vans, trucks, and motorhomes. Buick - Cadillac - Chevrolet GMC - Oldsmobile - Pontiac The number-one choice in GM-powered hotrods. Can teach you.

Build yours yourself, with help! I am a retired rebuilder and can assist you with your bench (rebuilding) job, at your location in the San Fernando Valley or the Los Angeles area. It is far easier than most engine guys think it is.