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GE Healthcare LOGIQ P6. • 3 Active Probe Ports • Obstetrical. Complete User Manual available on board through Help (F1). Have a look at the manual GE Logiq P5 User. It applies to all versions of the R2.x.x software for the LOGIQ 5 ultrasound systems. 0459 GE Medical Systems. Do you have the manual for the GE Logiq e10 ultrasound system? If you are interested in receiving the Logiq e10 ultrasound manual, please contact us today.

The brilliance of color. The simplicity of GE. You can add the advanced capabilities of color Doppler to your practice with the compact and portable LOGIQ V2 ultrasound system. Expect exceptional image quality with technologies migrated from our flagship LOGIQ systems. Expand your clinical range by offering a wide range of exams, including: • Abdominal • Obstetrics & Gynecology • Small Parts • Vascular • Cardiac • Pediatric • Transcranial Handle workload efficiently with automated features and interactive tools to help support confident decisions. Simplify your practice.

View and Download GE LOGIQ V5 service manual online. LOGIQ V5 Medical Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Logiq v3.

Ultrasound Ge Logiq 3 Manual

Push few buttons, enhance exam efficiency. Your busy practice environment will benefit from the LOGIQ V2. You get fast, accurate information with few key strokes: • Auto Optimization - Optimizes B-mode images to help improve contrast resolution. • Auto IMT - Automates measurement of intima-media thickness for fast carotid exams. • SonoBiometry - Performs key fetal biometry measurements automatically in seconds(BPD/FL/AC/HC) • Scan Assistant - Puts basic and advanced imaging protocols at your fingertips to reduce keystrokes by as much as 22 percent 1. With its compact design - yet large LCD display - the system fits into small spaces and easily maneuvers where you need it. 1 Based on internal study done with third-party consultants on LOGIQ E9, and software V&V documents.

Ultrasound Ge Logiq 3 Manual

Enhance your skills. Take your practice to the next level through real-time imaging assistance. The LOGIQ V2 gives you access to assistance to support exam efficiency and accuracy: • Scan Coach - Displays reference images, animations and schematics during live scanning. • Onboard help - Interactive access to information on settings, operation, connectivity, and maintenance, plus a link to the user manual. • Membership in LOGIQ Club - Gain access to tools and resources to help you experience the full power of your LOGIQ ultrasound system, including: • Information on new products and offers • Educational offering and online training • Application guidance • White papers and user guides. Expand your clinical range with exceptional images and easy-to-use color.

You can add the advanced capabilities of color Doppler to your practice. The compact LOGIQ V2 includes many advanced imaging technologies from decades of GE experience, including: • Coded Harmonic Imaging - Enables high resolution even at deep penetration.

• Real-time Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) - Reduces noise while enhancing true tissue detail. • CrossXBeam™ - Enhances your ability to visualize tissue interfaces and differentiate borders.

LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual i-11 Direction 2300002-100 Rev. Table of Contents i-12 LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual Direction 2300002-100 Rev.

LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual i-13 Direction 2300002-100 Rev. Table of Contents i-14 LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual Direction 2300002-100 Rev. LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual i-15 Direction 2300002-100 Rev. Table of Contents i-16 LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual Direction 2300002-100 Rev. Introduction 1-2 LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual Direction 2300002-100 Rev. 2 System Overview Attention This manual contains necessary and sufficient information to operate the system safely.

Advanced equipment training may be provided by a factory trained Applications Specialist for the agreed-upon time period. Read and understand all instructions in this manual before attempting to use the LOGIQ 5 system.

Keep this manual with the equipment at all times. Periodically review the procedures for operation and safety precautions.

Documentation LOGIQ 5 documentation consists of three manuals: • The Basic User Manual (TRANSLATED) and Online Help (ENGLISH ONLY) provides information needed by the user to operate the system safely. It describes the basic functions of the system, safety features, operating modes, measurements/calculations, probes, and user care and maintenance.

• The Advanced Reference Manual (ENGLISH ONLY) contains data tables, such as OB and Acoustic Output tables. • The Quick Guide (TRANSLATED) provides descriptions of basic system features and operation. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Basic User Manual in order to provide the information necessary to operate the system safely. Quick Cards may also be provided with additional feature information. The LOGIQ 5 manuals are written for users who are familiar with basic ultrasound principles and techniques. They do not include sonographic training or detailed clinical procedures. System Overview LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual 1-3 Direction 2300002-100 Rev.

2 Principles of Operation Medical ultrasound images are created by computer and digital memory from the transmission and reception of mechanical high-frequency waves applied through a transducer. The mechanical ultrasound waves spread through the body, producing an echo where density changes occur.

For example, in the case of human tissue, an echo is created where a signal passes from an adipose tissue (fat) region to a muscular tissue region. The echoes return to the transducer where they are converted back into electrical signals. Longman Academic Reading Series 4 Teacher Manual. These echo signals are highly amplified and processed by several analog and digital circuits having filters with many frequency and time response options, transforming the high- frequency electrical signals into a series of digital image signals which are stored in memory. Once in memory, the image can be displayed in real-time on the image monitor. All signal transmission, reception and processing characteristics are controlled by the main computer. By selection from the system control panel, the user can alter the characteristics and features of the system, allowing a wide range of uses, from obstetrics to peripheral vascular examinations.

Transducers are accurate, solid-state devices, providing multiple image formats. The digital design and use of solid-state components provides highly stable and consistent imaging performance with minimal required maintenance. Sophisticated design with computer control offers a system with extensive features and functions which is user-friendly and easy to use. Introduction 1-4 LOGIQ 5 Basic User Manual Direction 2300002-100 Rev.

2 Indications for Use The LOGIQ 5 is intended for use by a qualified physician for ultrasound evaluation. Specific clinical applications and exam types include: • Fetal • Abdominal • Pediatric • Small Organ (breast, testes, thyroid) • Neonatal Cephalic • Adult Cephalic • Cardiac (adult and pediatric) • Peripheral Vascular • Musculo-skeletal Conventional and Superficial • Urology (including prostate) • Transesophageal • Transrectal • Transvaginal • Intraoperative (abdominal, thoracic, vascular and neurological) Contraindication The LOGIQ 5 ultrasound system is not intended for ophthalmic use or any use causing the acoustic beam to pass through the eye. Prescription Device CAUTION: United States law restricts this device to sale or use by, or on the order of a physician.